Tunewear FRAME x FRAME Shock Mount

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We have seen it all. Our founder was one of the first ones to see the original iPod as he worked as Sales Director at Apple. Since then he founded TUNEWEAR in 2003 and has been searching for ideal materials and designs for creating a variety of cases for the iPod and iPhone.

There were things that could be done and things that could not be done, but with the technological advances some things became possible. However, there are still things that cannot be made even though the design says you can.

We have seen many expensive machine-milled metal bumper frames made out of aluminum. In fact the market is flooded with them. Most use a single screw which makes the attachment and detachment of the case a cumbersome task. Then there are those "push to fit " products that risk scratching and damaging your iPhone. Most of them have a very thin inner frame rubber stick-on to make them "scratch proof."

There are times you just want to drop the iPhone into a dock or a battery case, and the attachment and detachment of the case must be easy. None of the above solutions are easy and every time you disassemble and reassemble, you risk either damaging the iPhone, losing the screw or weakening the hinges. This increases the possibility of the iPhone falling out of the case.

Meet FRAME x FRAME Shock Mount, a PATENT PENDING product that is the first of its kind. It's patent pending because no one has done it before. It's patent pending because it never existed before and we made it possible.

We made it out of two materials, the inner DVTPC frame (Dynamically Vulcanized Thermoplastic Elastomer Composite, a specially developed method and material for TUNEWEAR) and the external one piece fully molded ZINC ALLOY frame. The inner DVTPC adds shock absorbing protection to all four sides and extends this protection to the front and the back of the phone. It also adds a prominent PLAY for color design so you can swap colors to mix and match to your liking. Both of these elements do not add extra thickness to your phone yet protect it from surface scratches and high gravity drops.

The metal frame fits effortlessly in one push, but never comes off under ordinary use. We have tested this extensively. The end result is a cool metal and DVTPC fusion product with the inner color accenting the look of the iPhone to its finest. The sides are recessed to give you a much better grip. The volume and on/off buttons are given easy access by the extending the DVTPC elements, and most importantly the silent switch is buried so you can avoid any unexpected repositioning of this switch. It can be assembled in as little as 5 seconds and removed in 3 seconds. With the case on there is no interference with Wi-Fi, bluetooth or antenna signals.

In short, this simple and functional case never existed before, but we made it possible. There are 2 sets to choose from based on metal exterior choices of either matte black or matte silver. Inside each set you find 3 inner DVTPC frames in different colors with matching button covers and ring strap stands for a total of 27 possible combinations. If you own both matte black and matte silver sets, they can be mixed and matched for at least 216 custom color combinations!

Lastly and most importantly, FRAME x FRAME does not cover your beautiful iPhone like others do. Why would you want to cover such a beautiful product?

This accessory is compatible with:
- iPhone 5
- you may contact us if you have any queries.

Colors Available:
- Black
- Silver



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Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: Tunewear
- Model
: Frame x Frame

Package Includes:
- Metal frame x 1
- DVTPC frame x 3
- Volume button cover x 3
- Ring strap stand x 3
- Protective film x 2 (front and back)
- Cleaning cloth x 1
- Squeegee x 1

- Retail


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