Contoured Tire Scrubber / Ergonomic Curved Tire Brush for Car Cleaning

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Model: AP005129
Shipping Weight: 205Kg



Product Description:
Contoured Tire Scrubber has a head size of 5 x 3 inches and is the perfect fit for low profile tires, regular tires and even off-road tires. This brush has an easy, comfortable, non-slip grip that is engineered for minimal effort with maximum results. It is washable, light-weight and a professionally designed brush.

- Features an Ergonomic Handle
- Includes Durable Stiff Bristles
- Offers a Contoured Shape for Effective Tire Cleaning
- Includes a Knuckle-Saving Handle with a Thumb Rest
- Good for any handedness

This product can be used on:
- All vehicles

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Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: Generic / OEM

- Net Weight: 199g (approx.)
- Dimensions (Net): 13(W) x 17(L) x 11(H) cm


Package Includes:
- Contoured Tire Scrubber x 1

- Polybag



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