Car Trash Can with Lid / Cup Holder Socket Fitting Trash Bin

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Model: AP005928
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Whether you just got that new car of your dreams, have kids in the back seat, or are simply tired of wrappers, tissues, and receipts peppered throughout your interior, this car trash can will come to the rescue! This is a smaller, discreet trash bin for those who do not want a big hanging bag of trash in their vehicle.

- DISCREET - About the size of a soda can (1 inch taller), it fits in the center console or doors of your vehicle to keep small trash items out of view.
- DURABLE - With its integrated lid and silicone construction, this auto garbage can will hold up to the vigors of everyday use.
- EASY TO CLEAN - Simply remove the plastic base to empty the trash bin and place on the top shelf of your dishwasher.
- A TRASH CAN FOR EVERYONE - Place one up front and one in the back for passengers.
- EASY TO FIT - easily fit in most cup holders.

Colors Available:
- Black
- White


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Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: Generic / OEM

- Net Weight: 118g
- Product Dimensions: 5 7/8 inches tall and 2 5/8 inches diameter


Package Includes:
- Car Trash Can with Lid / Cup Holder Socket Fitting Trash Bin x 1

- White Box




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